What I Offer

Whether you're a business owner doing great work in the community, a frustrated citizen who wants to point out an issue, or a nonprofit with an upcoming event you want to tell people about, I can help. I've spent years cultivating an audience and relationships with people who have platforms willing to work with me on publishing content that I write.

"But how much does it cost?"

My prices largely depend on the project - and how much time, travel, research, and extras involved. A quick, 1200 word article is going to cost less than a piece that needs me to come out and take photos or video, do a lot of fact checking and verification, or travel longer distances. Whatever the story, though, I'm willing to work with you - and you won't find a writer with more passion for the art of telling your story to the world.

Social media work will depend on things like how many platforms you need managed, how much content needs to be created each day, and how much monitoring/moderation your group(s) will require. In general, you can expect to pay around $500 per platform, per month. That price includes some content creation (including images and video content) but does NOT include extras like boosting posts or advertising fees.

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