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I tell the stories of the people in and around New Orleans.

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Jenn Bentley - Writer, Editor


Your Story Matters

If you have a story to tell, but you're unsure of how to get it out there, I can help. I specialize in telling personal stories - especially those that often go unreported by the news media. Social justice issues, human interest pieces, and breaking news are my specialty.


Experience Matters

I've been a freelance writer, editor, and journalist for more than 10 years. My work has been featured in several publications, including one of New Orleans' top 10 news sites, Big Easy Magazine and national publications like The Examiner. I've covered events like inequity in the New Orleans charter school system, the systemic racism behind the city's changing demographics, women's rights, and more.


Consulting and Speaking Services Available

If you'd rather create your own content, but you're not sure where to start, I offer consulting services. Need someone to speak about creating meaningful, engaging content at your event? I'm available.


Andrea Manuel - CEO, Master Minds Consulting

I highly recommend Jenn Bentley to anyone who is seeking professional writing support in the social media arena. Jenn's ability to a create a masterpiece on my website, Instagram, and Facebook were impressive!

Jeff Jockish - Founder, Citizen Upload

Jennifer is an effective, diligent, and thoughtful researcher and writer. I have worked with her over several years and in several different jobs. She always comes through for me. No matter where I go, I always seem to find a need for her help.

Kimberly Carver - Owner,

Jennifer is a very good writer. I am happy to have been able to benefit from her expertise. She's creative and comes up with great ideas - you won't be sorry with the results!

Kira Peavely - CEO, Kolossal Games

Jenn's ability to adapt to a fast paced, ever changing strategy was a huge asset, and why I went back to her regularly to see if she had interest in working with us on new projects. She knows her audience and adapts her work accordingly & effectively. I have looked to Jenn for brainstorming, feedback, content - the list goes on. She is a great asset to any digital content team.

Teri Boron - CMO,

Jennifer uses her vast skill set to convey her thoughts in wonderful content. She can accommodate numerous requests including different writing styles and SEO keywords. I highly recommend Jennifer as a freelance copywriter.